Commissioning (Cx)/Building Tune-up

“I have particularly appreciated their flexibility to respond to critical issues immediately with an intensity to drive the issue to resolution. MENG has provided a much greater level of service than other commissioning agents with whom we have worked.”

Jeffrey L. Greene, AIA, Greene Gasaway Architects



Commissioning services provide documentation to serve as a building systems performance benchmark. Useful to ensure specifications are being met from the first time systems are placed into operation, commissioning can be performed post occupancy to evaluate or assess systems operation. MENG Analysis provides independent quality control specialists to officially document pre-function testing, start-up and functional performance testing for operations of building systems for ultimate occupant comfort.

MENG Analysis' Cx Approach

The approach to commissioning services builds upon a strong adherence to working on projects in multi-disciplinary teams.  Services are most successful with early involvement, long before bid, with comprehensive commissioning specifications.  Teams consist of senior level experts in mechanical, electrical, plumbing and general building systems.

MENG Analysis utilizes a systems matrix to tailor each commissioning project to owner/design team requirements.  Commissioning services include:

  • Writing/reviewing commissioning plans
  • Specifications and document review
  • Preparation of required documentation
  • Systems (pre-function/functional) checklists
  • Pre-startup inspection
  • Systems startup inspection
  • On-site testing
  • Test, adjust & balance (TAB) verification
  • Building systems inspections
  • Systems training
  • O&M Manual review
  • Commissioning report
  • Post-occupancy functional inspection & testing
  • Retro-commissioning (retro-Cx)
  • ESCO oversight


Seattle Building Tune-Up

In support of Seattle’s 2013 Climate Action Plan (CAP), the Seattle City Council passed SMC 22.930 requiring public and private Building Owners to “Tune-up” buildings over 50,000 square feet. Building Tune-ups are performed to maintain energy efficiency and optimal performance. The building tune-up would assess filters, sensors, heating and cooling units, moving parts and other areas where wear and tear could result in lesser efficiency. This work includes assessing existing building conditions and identifying the deficiencies. The owner of the building would then implement the corrective actions which are verified. The report is then submitted to the City in accordance with the ruling.

MENG Analysis is a leader in this work. We have been performing these building tune-ups for both public and private buildings for 30 years. Our extensive knowledge and experience in these processes will prove invaluable as building owners begin compliance with this new ruling. 

Peninsula School District, Washington

The Peninsula School District has repeatedly selected MENG Analysis to perform the commissioning on its schools.

case study

North Thurston School District, Washington

MENG Analysis provided commissioning services for Timberline High School Phases II and III, a total of 196,000 SF with a project cost of $38 million.

case study

GSA Richland (WA) Federal Building, Energy Efficiency Upgrades

case study

North Beach School District, Washington

MENG Analysis provided Cx services for Ocean Shores Elementary in 2005.

case study

Everett School District, Washington

In 2006, MENG Analysis provided Cx services for Elementary #17- Forest View Elementary School.

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