City of Tacoma Condition Assessment of City Owned Buildings

The MENG Analysis team is currently completing a Condition Assessment for city owned buildings for the City of Tacoma. This evaluation includes condition, seismic and inventory assessments of 49 facilities, totaling approximately 700,000 SF. The CA reported the apparent conditions of specific City owned facilities thus greatly assisting the City in determining the magnitude and urgency of the backlog in maintenance and repair of these 49 facilities. These facilities included: seven Community Centers; 25 Fire Stations; seven Police Stations; and 10 other facilities. The survey also included nine properties listed on the Historic Register as well as the Tacoma Municipal Complex office buildings.

The condition assessment surveys included on-site field surveys of architectural, site/ civil, structural, mechanical and electrical systems. The survey also documented specific deficiencies of systems with photographs as well as project cost estimates to repair or replace these deficiencies. As part of the condition assessment, Infra-Red scanning, tagging and analysis of the electrical panels was performed on four (4) City owned facilities. A detailed inventory list of all major equipment being maintained by the City’s Department of Public Works was also developed using UNIFORMAT Level IV systems. This list will help the City establish an inventory of systems and components necessary to develop a future corrective maintenance and management system. Finally, all the FCA data was entered into a database which will improve the City’s ability to manage the preservation of its facilities as well as improve the reliability of maintenance and operations of its facilities.
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