Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) / Asset Management

“Thank you and the MENG Analysis team for your excellent work on our Park Facility Condition Assessment.  We had never had a thorough and professional assessment done for our park system.  Your work exceeds our expectations.”

Julie McQuary, formerly with Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation

MENG Analysis assembles its team of experts to develop:

  • Comparative facility analysis
  • Due diligence property analysis
  • Facility condition assessments
  • Feasibility studies
  • Expert witness/legal support

MENG Analysis Approach to FCA 

Multi-disciplinary teams with on-site cost estimating employ rigorous systems-based methodology to ensure thoroughly accurate property analyses.  We use teams of experts who have specialized in the design and construction of similar types of facility as that under analysis.  This same team approach and methodology is used whether we investigate the condition a condominium association's single facility or an entire state inventory of K-12 and higher education facilities.

Services combine pure condition assessments with analyses of facility improvements and modifications necessary to support client-specific operational or program requirements.  MENG Analysis provides its clients with conceptual design and cost information for future tenant improvements and adaptive re-use alternatives.  Such planning  information is invaluable and incorporated into facility analysis services.

Working on behalf of both public and private property owners, or buyers in cooperation with legal representatives and real estate brokers, to identify condition deficiencies, backlogs in maintenance and repair (BMAR).  Our independent opinions identify remaining useful lives of systems, costs for repairs or replacement of systems and current replacement values (CRV). 

Experience in completing facility analyses indicate the following key elements to a successful analysis:

  • Review of "As-Built" documentation
  • Team inclusion of cost estimators
  • Facilitated workshops of O&M staff, managers and planners to collect and document anecdotal information.
  • Industry standard condition assessment matrices and report formats


Higher Education Comparable Framework Study

Since 2002, MENG Analysis has remained consistently involved with this project through each update of the State's Comparable Framework for Higher Education Facility Preservation.

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Snohomish County Facility Condition Assessment

This assessment included 35 County facilities at 19 separate sites,

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Western Washington University Student Housing FCA

This facility condition assessment included 60 buildings spanning 1,041,956 sf across Western Washington University.

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City of Tacoma Facility Condition Assessment

MENG Analysis completed a condition assessment of city-owned buildings including condition, seismic, and inventory assessments of 49 facilities, totaling approximately 700,000 SF.

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Puget Sound Energy South King Complex (SKC) and Shuffleton Site Facility Condition Assessments

This assessment includes the Kent Pugent Sound Energy facility spanning 276,135 sf and 26.5 acres.

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City of Lynnwood Facility Condition Assessment

The FCA comprised 111,473 SF and included nine buildings across Lynnwood.


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King County Facility Condition Assessment & Asset Management Program

This recently completed assessment included 26 facilities and over 300,000 SF.

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Seattle Public Schools

MENG Analysis has completed four district-wide facility condition assessments and Study and Survey. This includes two Facility Condition Assessments in 2006 and 2009, as well as two Study and Surveys in 2002 and 2005.

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City of Tacoma Condition Assessment of City Owned Buildings

MENG Analysis conducted a condition assessment of 49 city-owned buildings, including community centers, fire stations, and police stations.

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