Washington Correction Center for Women Healthcare Facility

Value engineering study at the design development level to review this new, 24,415 SF facility that will replace the existing 9,900 SF clinic/infirmary at the Washington Corrections Center for Women.  This project replaces the existing clinic/inpatient facility building with a new facility containing close observation, dental, radiology, outpatient, pharmacy, records and support function.  The VE team found that the proposed design for this healthcare facility satisfies the program criteria established by the Washington State Department of Corrections.  The building systems made by the design team are conservative in both aesthetic and cost; however, there are still a number of opportunities to refine program and building systems to improve first cost and long-term building operations costs.  In particular, this study suggests some changes to interior and exterior wall systems, reduction in HVAC recovery scope, and an alternate location for the emergency generator.  The most significant issue raised by the VE team was a reduction of contractor risk by providing a clear document outlining all site access issues that have an unknown factor that could result in bid padding.  MENG Analysis provided a total first cost savings potential of $1,260,000, $494,000 of which was accepted by the Department of Corrections.

Key proposals included:

  • Site water system routing
  • Storm drainage detention facility
  • Interior wall systems construction
  • Building entry/penthouse configuration
  • Mechanical penthouse enclosure
  • Structural shear wall systems
  • Mechanical water and sewer layout
  • HVAC system selection
  • Program area refinements
  • Security camera and door lock scope
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