Seattle Public Schools

MENG Analysis has completed four district-wide facility condition assessments and Study and Survey. This includes: two Facility Condition Assessments in 2006 and 2009, as well ast two Study and Surveys in 2002 and 2005.   

In 2002, we completed our first Study and Survey for all 104 schools in state inventory. This assessment summarized the current condition of the school district after completion of capital improvements. This report focused primarily on the facility improvement proposals and the planning process supporting this proposed program.
The MENG Analysis facilities database program was reformatted specifically for Seattle Public Schools in order to automate the condition survey process and to provide a centralized location for all school district facility information.
In 2005, MENG Analysis completed a Comprehensive Building Condition and Educational Adequacy and Seismic Evaluation for 80 specific schools throughout the district. MENG Analysis assembled and trained three multi-disciplinary teams of architects and engineers using a standard methodology for completing the condition and program surveys. We provided the district with a comprehensive report of Backlogs of Maintenance and Repair (BMAR) costs for each of the facilities and their building systems.
73 of the 80 facilities included in this assessment were also reviewed for educational adequacy. MENG Analysis assed each facility for its ability to support current and/or planned educational programming for the site. We looked at the overall building as well as specific program area and evaluated their adequacy based on such criteria as population/capacity, program flexibility, and specialized programs.
For the assessments, we reviewed the district’s existing educational specifications with critical goals and objectives as well as program space definitions summarized and used as a standard for comparison. 
MENG Analysis’ surveyors assigned scores to each facility, and individual program spaces (1-5), to evaluate current conditions, as well as scores for the ease with which the district could bring the facility or space up to the appropriate standards.
The district was able to use this information to assist in making decisions about critical capital investments, as well as working with neighboring communities near facilities that were being considered for closure.
MENG Analysis was subsequently awarded a study and survey contract to update the District’s facility condition information. This FCA of over 110 facilities was completed in April 2008.
MENG Analysis recently completed the 2009 FCA of 89 facilties.   This assessment was similar in scope to the 2006 FCA and included Educational Adequacy and Seismic Assessments.  Updates in 2010-2011 included 15 schools.
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