Kennewick School District

Southgate Elementary School
This project is a complete remodel of the existing elementary school and includes some new construction to house the gymnasium and kitchen areas.  The existing gym will be remodeled into a new multipurpose space that will serve as the student lunch room.  Operable partitions will expand this space into the gym and elevated music room platform.  A new warming kitchen will be added on the north side of the multipurpose room.

As the first of four schools with near identical floor plans, the VA team focused on plan and system opportunities that improve program, functionality, and user comfort.  The reuse of all of the classrooms is a prudent approach to the modernization, but adds challenges based on the current configuration.  The program analysis indicated the library to be about 900 SF over the program area.  The VA team also identified a number of spaces being smaller than program, such as the administration, multipurpose, kitchen, and gymnasium.


Cottonwood Elementary School
The new Cottonwood Elementary School is a modern 51,311 SF facility that will serve to increase the District's ability to house students in a growing part of the District.  The current design is responsive to the District's Education Specifications.  The VA team offered proposals suggesting minor adjustments to the planning concepts that would provide functional improvements, as well as many building system alternatives for the design team to consider.  Proposals included alternatives for both first cost avoidance and life cycle cost avoidance for the new facility for all building systems.  MENG Analysis provided a total of 50 proposals yielding a total first-cost savings potential of $1,856,000.


Canyon View Elementary School
The Canyon View Elementary School Modernization and Addition includes the modernization of an existing 1978 CMU structure, with later upgrades.  The building construction includes interior and exterior selective demolition, with new built out finishes, a new gymnasium, and front entry addition.  The VA team proposed many alternatives that offer first costs in favor of functional improvements to reduce maintenance or operation costs.  The VA team determined that several systems in the existing school appear to be serviceable and capable of reusing in the modernized facility, including:  electrical transformer and secondary service, existing parking lot, fire sprinkler piping, and water service piping.   MENG Analysis provided a total of 42 proposals yielding a total first-cost savings potential of $1,885,000.


Cascade Elementary School
This new 50,980 SF facility is one of the 4 mostly identical schools being constructed, and in addition to replacing part of the current school it also involves major site redevelopment- some elements include water and gas service mains, main parking lot, auxiliary parking lot, hardscape, surfacing, landscaping, irrigation . Some elements of this specific project differ from the standard plans, such as the addition of a classroom wing, plus the addition of a new gym, kitchen and service yard. The constructability team noticed that the physical parts of the building itself were generally well-thought out. However, the documentation was very difficult to understand, and occasionally contradictory in reference to materials, scaling, etc. It was also noticed that many of the Southgate ES VA ideas were not incorporated, so if budget ever becomes a problem it was suggested that those ideas would warrant being revisited.


Lincoln Elementary School
The third of the similar schools, Lincoln Elementary is a slightly larger 53,297 SF due to the additional of 2 general classrooms. The school is one story with a small mechanical mezzanine and new unscreened rooftop HVAC equipment. The school is fully heated by gas and cooled (A/C) with rooftop packaged units. At this particular site, water quality is poor, so a water softener is being provided along with standard battery-operated high-efficiency plumbing and flushing fixtures. The constructability team noticed that some forms were missing from the documentation and that overall coordination between disciplines would be a benefit to the project. For example, some reflected ceiling plans appear to be unaccommodating to the current electrical and mechanical drawings.

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