Peninsula College Maier Hall

Value Engineering study of this 58,231 SF, two-phase, new building. The project is a three story building divided into two wings along the south east corner of the campus. It is pile supported and has a concrete floor and roof superstructure with round columns and concrete shear walls. The exterior has a mix of concrete, brick, metal panels, Prodema wood panels, and glass. Interiors have sealed concrete, carpet tiles, wood ceiling accents, and some exposed structure ceiling. The mechanical HVAC is based on natural ventilation with minimum outside air delivery at 72 degrees. Operable windows, ceiling fans, and perimeter fin tube radiators control building comfort. Electrical systems are high end pendant mount at most areas. There are site infrastructure improvements to water, storm, power, and communications. The existing wetland along the southern portion of the project will be enhanced to mitigate the additional encroachment into the required setback.

This study offered opportunities for lowering project cost; specifically noting foundation systems, building structural systems, mechanical equipment locations, building footprint, and site electrical systems as areas where significant costs may be reduced. 
Key proposals included:
  • Reuse of demolition materials for fill in lieu of structural support
  • Constructing the building out of steel in lieu of concrete
  • Changing curtainwall to storefront at the main lobby
  • Reduction in scope of the gray water system
  •  Allowing additional HVAC control systems to reduce overall cost
  • Alternative lighting controls using low voltage switching
  • Changing the south building to a double loaded corridor
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