Clover Park Technical College Allied Health Building

Value engineering study at the schematic design level of this 56,000 SF facility that will support a rapidly growing program with vital labs, classrooms, and administrative support facilities.  The VE team determined that the current design is generally efficiently structure both in plan and in the choice of basic systems; however, a number of components could be refined for a more cost effective project, as was required to meet the project budget.  Most notably the civil and landscaping systems warrant further review both for basic choices of systems as well as refinement issues such as ventilation and heat reclamation.  The mechanical systems as currently designed will present an overly complex challenge for maintenance and control with only marginal energy benefits.  The VE team also reviewed the space allocations in this project, comparing them to other recently constructed allied health facilities throughout the state.  The team determined that in general all of the primary teaching spaces in this project are generous in both size as well as in quantity of spaces, and if required to meet budget, there are numerous opportunities for reduction in square footage for this project.  MENG Analysis proposed a total of $4,273,000 in first cost savings potential, $1,037,600 of which was accepted by the State.

Key proposals:

  • Revise the landscaping scheme to provide a more sustainable approach with the use of more drought resistant plantings, less irrigation, and more durable plantings.
  • Refine structural framing configuration including braced frames, joist spans, and depths for a more efficient structural system.
  • Reduce roof slope and roof parapets in order to reduce unnecessary construction costs.
  • Use more distributed systems rather than centralized systems for basic lab deionized water and vacuum.
  • Consider alternative HVAC system in order to reduce the cost as well as long term maintenance inherent in complex hydronic systems.
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