Grays Harbor Community College Science, Math, Art and Nursing Facility (SMArtNF)

The 4-story 71,000 S.F. SMArt Building is located at the south end of the upper campus where the existing 300, 400 and 450 Buildings will be demolished. The site has a north-south grade change of 15 to 18 feet and presents an opportunity to nestle the structure into the hillside. Due to this situation, the scale of the building as viewed from the proposed upper parking lot will be quite different from the scale seen from the campus core. It also presents an opportunity to step the building mass, following the existing topography. Pedestrian access across the buildings podium level will provide a sense of arrival from all directions. Between the existing gym and the new SMArt Building, a strong link will be created from perimeter parking areas to the pedestrian core of campus. These new pedestrian connections will also assist with campus way-finding.


This project represents the next major step in the evolution of Grays Harbor College and provides a new building housing program spaces to meet contemporary instructional needs in Science, Mathematics, Art and Nursing.

Key proposals included:
  • Use Gabion walls for retaining earth and control erosion to achieve uniform campus wide aesthetics
  • Revise and selectively remove the vegetation on the lower tower roof to reduce loading on structure and avoid long term maintenance cost
  • Revise skylight systems to reduce maintenance and improve constructability
  • Selectively reduce the size of sun shades to more accurately reflect the local climate
  • Reduce the extent of geothermal bores by supplementing heat using conventional boiler during extreme winter conditions and to provide system redundancy in emergency.
  • In lieu of chilled beams, use VAV boxes with integral heating coils for zone control to reduce the quantity of equipment to be maintained
  • Revise podium green roof lighting to reduce initial and long term maintenance costs
  • Reconfigure the electrical room layout and adjacent spaces to consolidate and stack electrical and data areas above each other
  • Alter lighting fixture schedule specification to invite more bidders and competition
  • Use of battery back-up for emergency exit lighting and a diesel fire pump to eliminate costs associated with emergency generator package
  • Provide unlocked circulation spine through the building to allow ADA access to elevator and eliminate the expensive ADA ramp system
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