Heritage Park

Value analysis of Heritage Park, which includes 46.16 acres of land and 22.1 acres of lake surface, with a total construction cost of $10.7 million. The proposed park project would wrap around the east side of Capitol Lake, providing a pedestrian connection to Percival Landing and the downtown business district of Olympia.  Major features of the park consist of a semicircular arc around the lake, a trail meandering through the steep heather slope, extensive landscaping throughout the park, enhancement of the shoreline, and creation of several outdoor gathering spaces.  MENG Analysis provided a total of 19 proposals yielding a total first cost savings potential of $2,303,000.

Key proposals included:

  • Stop reclamation dumping from shore and use silt curtain to contain sediments.
  • Lower wall so construction occurs above water.  Eliminate excavation below water line.
  • In lieu of concrete wall, use gap graded rock slope with geotextile fabric and pip rap toe.
  • Focus on obtaining a written agreement from all regulatory, resource, and tribal organizations regarding a Lake Management Plan for Capitol Lake.
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