Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center

Value Analysis of this 229,930 SF addition with a total construction cost of $50 million.  This project included 5 floors, with 2 basement levels that are connected to the existing service and parking levels of Phase I.  The first 4 floors are laboratories, with the 5th floor housing the division offices and other non-laboratory related service functions.  The primary functions of this VA study were to identify value analysis proposals that do not significantly impact the project program, but rather focused on both the first costs and life-cycle cost alternatives for all of the major building and site development elements.  MENG Analysis provided a total of 38 proposals yielding a total first-cost savings potential of $4,451,000.

Key proposals included:

  • Continue the concrete system up to the roof of the 5th floor and construct the penthouse in steel.
  • Use Phoenix value terminals on supply and exhaust systems.
  • Delete incline fans.  Install propeller fans at perimiter exhausting to area-ways to grade.
  • Eliminate the isolation transformers and provide reactors.
  • Reduce the mechanical room size to match more conventional room layouts.
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