Eagle Butte Health Center

Value engineering study for this 139,000 SF new health center. The project includes site development of an approximately 30 acre site; including access roads, utilities, parking lots, and landscaping. The facility is a two story, load-bearing masonry and steel frame building. It is constructed above a crawl-space with steel joist/steel deck and concrete topping floor and roof systems.

This study proposed a number of alternatives within the basic systems, including mechanical, electrical, and structural systems that can significantly reduce the cost and improve the constructability, while maintaining the aesthetic quality of the facility. In addition, the cost savings that can be realized within these basic systems can be applied to other key building elements that may improve the environmental quality of the building. In particular issues such as ease of circulation and way-finding, and day-lighting warrant additional resources. The VE team determined that the building is very efficiently configured with many small interior spaces located on interior corridors. Consequently there is very little exterior exposure for the majority of the building; and with the large number of people moving through the building, some reconfiguration is warranted to better handle the daily flow as well as improve the environment for both patients and staff.
This study reviewed the project from a construction perspective and noted that it would be a challenge to attract contractors and subcontractors to complete this project within a reasonable schedule. Therefore, a number of proposals are offered that can improve the constructability and scheduling, and bid-ability of the project.
 MENG Analysis provided a total of 28 proposals and a total first cost savings potential of $5,235,000.
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