Washington State Public Health Lab

Value analysis of this 12,437 SF health lab, completed at the design development level.  The project is a single story building with a full mechanical penthouse and a partial basement.  The site is very congested and requires the relocation of water, storm, and sanitary systems to accomodate the new construction.

The VA team found this to be a well designed project that will meet the primary crieteria of improving safety for those handling BSL 3 chemical agents and adding much needed additional program space.  The choice of construction materials is very prudent and will result in durable and easily maintained surfaces.  The VA team found the mechanical, electrical, and labratory system cost estimates to be somewhat insufficient for the level of design and complexity.  We recommended that more detailed estimates be done very soon to insure that the systems do not exceed budgetary limits.  This study offered a wide variety of proposals to insure the project meets the budget or to add other desire project items to the project.  MENG Analysis provided a total first cost savings potential of $1,835,000.

Key Proposals:

  • Revise structural system to utilize all light gauge metal framing
  • Route all plumbing piping in the service tunnel in lieu of the penthouse ceiling
  • Consider reducing the scope of the HVAC modifications in the remodeled area
  • Consider deleting the basement from the project
  • Consider an alternate location for the building addition
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