Duportail Bridge

Value Engineering Study conducted at the preliminary design level for the Duportail Bridge in the City of Richland. The goals of this study were to improve traffic flow, relieve congestion, and connect neighborhoods The proposed design for the bridge will provide a much needed link between West Richland and the main Richland access corridor. The design is a straightforward concrete structure that connects existing roadway layouts on both sides of the Yakima River. The VE study focused on several issues that could improve construction; including the temporary work bridge, bridge profile, traffic, water line, and storm system. Since funding had not yet been secured for the project, the VE study also suggested an alternative to bridge decking to include pre-cast planks and topping slab. MENG Analysis provided a total of 19 proposals yielding a total first cost savings potential of $3,861,000.

Key VE proposals included:
  •  Revise temporary bridge structure for more cost effective approach
  • Revise pedestrian path to reduce bridge structure 
  •  Reduce design speeds in order to allow straight horizontal alignment on bridge structure
  •  Reconfigure the approach structures to reduce the number of piers in the river
  • Revise storm water treatment by using more infiltration
  • Consider eliminating one water line and provide scour protection for existing water line
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