South Park Bridge Replacement

This Value Engineering study was conducted at the 30% design level to identify component and planning alternatives that could offer first cost or life cycle cost benefits and/or improve project quality. The proposed design for this bridge replacement project reflects a strong commitment to the local business, residential, and industrial community. Much of the proposed design for the bridge pays tribute to the appearance and operation of the existing structure. Although significantly less costly alternatives exist for the basic choice of bridge type, those choices depart from the scale and massing of the existing bridge. This VE study therefore focused on geotechnical, structural and mechanical components that can meet the important local criteria, but still offer cost reduction and improved operational maintenance. These included seismic groundwater mitigation, substructure design, superstructure design, and moveable span operation.

MENG Analysis provided a total of 32 proposals and a total first cost savings potential of over $85 million.
Key proposals included:
  • Reduce the approach spans with revisions to the bridge elevations and clearances.
  • Consider alternative operation cycles as well as alternative motor controls and drive mechanism in order to reduce cost and reduce long term maintenance and operation cost.
  • Consider construction staging, preassembly, and phasing in order to reduce overall construction schedule.
  • Consider alternatives for shortening the bridge span with a reconfigured approach alignment.
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