Willis Avenue Bridge Replacement, City of New York

The Willis Avenue Bridge is an electrically operated swing span bridge that spans the Harlem River between the Bronx and Manhattan.  It first opened in 1901, and totaly approximately 62,000 vehicles per day use the bridge.

The structure, including concrete decks, pivot griders, grading, and the swing-span mechanism were in deteriorated condition.  The preliminary design included a complete off-line replacement with a new vertical lift span and through truss spans on a new alignment immediately south of the existing bridge. 

Of the forty alternatives created, twenty were developed into formal proposals, with potential savings of over $127 million.  The City of New York accepted 32% of the proposals suggested, representing $40,442,000 in first-cost savings. 

 The bridge was moved into it's final position on August 9, 2010.

Mayor Bloomberg, Comissioner Sadik-Khan Mark Installation of New Willis Avenue Bridge


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