Fort Lewis Brigade Team Complex, Increment 2, USACE Seattle District

The Fort Lewis Brigade Combat Team Complex (BCT) is a multi-building project with a total project cost of $100,000,000. The complex includes the following structures:

  • Brigade HQ Facility
  • Battalion HQ Facilities (qty. 3)
  • Company Operations Facility Buildings (qty. 3)
  • Tactical Maintenance Facility Buildings (qty. 3)
  • Enlisted Personnel Dining Facility Building
  • Lawnmower Storage Buildings (qty. 7)

MENG Analysis provided parallel conceptual cost estimates as a subcontractor to an architect selected to review bid documents prior to procurement of construction services.  The work was executed to support the issuance of a Design/Build solicitation package.

MENG Analysis conceptual cost estimates were proven to be accurate given the phase of design at which they were performed, providing the USACE with reliable planning data.

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