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"You did an excellent job of presentations, and in gaining the confidence of the Council."

Bob Dixon, Project Manager,
City of Lynnwood


"For the last decade I have exclusively used MENG Analysis for value analysis and constructability review on all the projects that I have managed for the State of  Washington.  The State maintains a group of “On-call” consultants, a sort of “Pool” from which it can quickly bring professional expertise on board to enhance its Capital Project Process. MENG Analysis has served in this capacity for several biennia.  I have used them exclusively and have always been pleased with the result. The projects I’ve used their services on have ranged in value from $10-$40 million.  They are always quick to respond in a professional and helpful manner."

Jim Copland, Senior Architect, State of Washington

K-12 Education

MENG Analysis has an extremely strong background in K-12 facility programs and building systems. For nearly 40 years, we have distinguished our expertise for districts throughout Washington State with systematic work plans and analytical methodology.

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Higher Education

MENG Analysis performs credible, independent cost estimates to support VA studies and constructability reviews for higher education facilities in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Montana. We also conduct condition assessments and prepare design guidelines for institutions such as the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the University of Washington. From general classroom buildings, libraries, teaching, and research labs to student housing and recreation facilities, MENG Analysis has performed more than 100 higher education projects, including a recent BEST (Budget Evaluation Study Team) for Olympic College.

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MENG Analysis has a rich palatte of infrastructure experience working with city, county, state, defense and port authority clients from coast to coast. We have reviewed terminal facilities, arterials, highways, viaducts, lift and swing span bridges, tunnels, rail alignment, transit stations and operation facilities, parks, waste water treatment plants, filtration facilities, lift stations, overflow tanks, and marine terminals.

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Federal/State/City Government

Our work with the Federal Government includes the General Services Administration, United States Navy, United States Corps of Engineers, and Indian Health Services. We have also facilitated studies for Washington State Office of Financial Management and New York City Office of Management and Budget.

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The justice related work of MENG Analysis includes courthouses, jails and prisons, police stations, crime labs and even statewide public safety communications systems.

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We've done a wide variety of work for Fortune 1000 companies and others including The Gap, The Limited, Optiva and real estate industry leaders such as OPUS, IntraCorp and more.

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MENG Analysis has experience evaluating parks, large scale stormwater systems, WWTPs, transfer stations and landfill re-use projects. Fun projects include a Zebra Mussel study for the New York City water system, and ecological park in Hong Kong and the I-405 Stormwater System that won an AASHTO Value Engineering Award.

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Medical facilities and labs have some of the most extensive system infrastructures that are under constant use 24/7. MENG Analysis has helped several clients get the most of their designs and save money in the process.

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