It's going to be a wonderful week as the MENG Analysis heads to Portland for the CEFPI Conference October 4 through 6, then to Yakima October 7 through 11 for the WAMOA Conference. Look for our booth at both conference trade shows, and come hear Joel, Kevin, and Doug present The Missing Link: OPR, the Link between your budget and project success. At CEFPI, Sunday at 1:30 PM. For WAMOA, they are presenting on Wednesday at 2 PM.


MENG Analysis has been providing Independent Quality and Cost Performance Services since 1985. Our collaborative approach and expertise in various analysis methodologies contributes to successful projects on time and on budget, with improved functionality and a positive experience for our clients and their design teams.

Core Competencies include:

Who We Serve

From Seattle to New York, Hong Kong to Saudi Arabia, we work with a broad range of clients on unique and complex projects with teams of local and international experts.  With heightened sensitivity to local community and/or cultural concerns, we support the success of both private and public sector clients with our services.

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